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We Just Love Making Vanities 😍

It's pretty obvious that we love what we do, but the question is what is Justin's favourite thing to make? That's right, it's vanities and cabinets.

Why? When it comes to tables and desks, Justin finds these simple when compared to the complexity of making a vanity or cabinet. When he makes a vanity or cabinet, each of the drawers and cupboards are cut so that the grain flows throughout the piece with precision and purpose - one wrong cut and you have to find a whole new piece of timber. Combine that with mitre joints, chamfered edges, hand picked timber and resin and you have a unique piece of art made with love. For some this may seem like needless stress, but for Justin it is his happy place.

Speaking of "made with love" our next Made With Love Market will be on Sunday 27th February 2022. Come and get your unique homewares, jewellery and gifts - and ask us about a custom made vanity for you.  

Blackbutt Cabinets Vanities

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