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Big Blue Resin River Table

Happy to have a small break in the rain so we could deliver another table today. This meeting table is made from Camphor Laurel and features a big blue resin river. 

So how do you make a river table? First you need a character filled slab with 2 live edges. These edges are cleaned up and the bark removed, then slice the slab up the middle and flip the pieces to face inwards. From there you need a good mould, lots of silicone and in this case a whole lot of resin (26.5L in fact!). 

We have made this resin river slightly transparent so the light flows through. The table also has bevelled edges and has been finished with a hard wax oil and ceramic coating. We are so happy to deliver it to its new home, as you can see all its natural beauty in this wonderful light filled room. 

Blue Camphor Laurel Dining Table Resin River Timber & Resin Tables

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