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Something New From Something Old

Did you know that each slab of timber tells a story?  By observing its grain, you can tell the kind of life that the tree it came from lived.  For instance, fast growing plantation pine is predictably straight and plain. But timber sourced from the wilds of Tasmania can be saturated with character, intricate patterns, stunning colour variations and delightful imperfections to incorporate in our custom designs.  The same is true of slabs from old trees…

And so, you can see the character in this stunning live edge desk.  Made from locally sourced camphor laurel from a tree so old it had to be removed for public safety.  Yet the old tree still had some gems to share…

The desk is a generous 60mm thick.  Using the natural hollow where two branches converged, we have created a lagoon inlet of blue resin with hues of purple.  Finally, it has been sanded to perfection and finished with a hard wax oil and a ceramic coating to bring out the chatoyance of the wood.

“But what is chatoyance?” we hear you ask.  Stay tuned to find out...!


Blue Camphor Laurel Dining Table Resin Timber & Resin Tables

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