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Shimmering Chatoyance

Ah, we love a good slab… of wood that is! And one of our favourite characteristics in wood is shimmering chatoyancy.

Chatoyancy is an effect that basically looks like waves within the wood.  It occurs when wood cells grow in nonuniform directions (often due to stress as the tree grows) and light reflects off these cells at slightly different angles. The result is a 3D kind of quality that changes as you look at the wood from different angles.

We find it pretty exciting to spot chatoyancy in our raw materials and then craft them to perfectly showcase this unique characteristic. Take for example these coasters - a perfect example ­­­of chatoyancy at its finest!

These little beauties will be available at the Made With Love Markets (a set of 5 for the price of 4!) on February 27th. Come on in and take a look at what we do!

Blackbutt Chatoyance Coasters Copper Timber & Resin Decor

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