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My new happy place!

A little while back we purchased some amazing prints of original artwork by Australian Artist, Maree Davidson. We absolutely fell in love with the beautiful bright colours she brings into her happy animal paintings. It was so hard to choose which ones we wanted, they all make you feel happy. So after much deliberation we managed to narrow it down to three prints, which have been awaiting their custom timber frames. 

The best part about making things like timber frames, is we go through our offcuts of the beautiful timbers we use for our furniture. What you can find in the offcuts is so varied, some have live edges some have coloured resin, it's a bit of a lucky dip. But no matter what you find, when it comes to timber, it's going to be naturally beautiful. 

So now I have three new timber frames in my office, which I am so excited about. Two of them are camphor laurel - one has some white resin and one with some orange, the other is an offcut of some beautiful live edge Tasmanian Blackwood - we wished we had bought more of this when we were there in January, the quilting in the timber is simply amazing. 

Styling your office into a happy place is absolute key! And with my new desk nearly finished and my Maree Davidson prints in their new frames, this is definitely my happy place!

Blackwood Camphor Laurel Maree Davidson Office Desk Picture Frames

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