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Waste not, want not

With our timber being such a precious resource, I wanted to share how we utilise all of our timber so that we don't waste it.

So as you know Justin has been working on my desk, I haven't posted final photos yet as he is also making me some lovely side drawers and we have been waiting on the resin to set in them.

So my desk needed a hole cut out for the cables to go through. This means we were left with a perfect circle of 40mm thick lovely camphor laurel. Well I immediately saw earrings! So off I went with my circle of camphor and made 2 pairs of hoop style earrings. 

Now I must say I have shown an extreme amount of self control since I have been making my sterling silver earrings. But I decided that it was important to quality control this new design of earring 😊 😊  ...so it was one pair for me and one for the store. I decided to laser our lightning burns into my pair.

Here's the verdict...they are light weight, can't even tell I'm wearing them, to the point that I had to check a couple of times yesterday that they were there. I have used sterling silver stud style hardware, so they stay in securely (you would not believe the number of times I have lost hoop earrings when they have not had a secure backing - Justin has said he's not buying me any more gold hoop earrings after the last debacle). They also haven't got caught up in my hair, another bonus, as this often happens to me with beaded style earrings. I am so impressed, I am wearing them again today. 

So the sad news is that I already sold the other pair at yesterday's market, I guess someone else loved them as much as me. But never fear, there will be many more power cord holes to come, in fact I already have another one in my offcuts box, so keep watching our store as I will be making more!

I really love to not waste anything, so I am so glad we started our range of jewellery and decor items. This means we are not throwing away timber which allows us to make good use of our natural resources. Did you know even our wood shavings have even been given out to be used as kitty litter - now thats resourceful!

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