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Its all in the detail...

Take a look at this beautiful camphor laurel cabinet. On first glance you see the character filled camphor laurel timber and the white and pearl resin filled holes. But the secret about why our cabinets are not like others is in the detail.

So maybe its not as easy to tell from a photo what the detail is, so I'll help you out.

Firstly have a look at the corners of the cabinet pockets. These corners are not only mitred together with a 45 degree angle, they are also bevelled in on a 45 degree, giving a very sophisticated look.

Next you might notice there are five even pockets. Well each of these internal shelves are made from live edge timber. This means we have taken the bark off the edge of the timber and sanded any sharp areas smooth, so you can see the natural edge on each shelf.

One of the more obvious things you will see is that the two front cabinet doors are made from the one piece of timber, so the grain flows down perfectly. But what you can't see is that we have also mitred the side of the doors to 45 degrees so you can easily open the doors, giving these soft close doors a handle free streamlined look.

So if you are someone who loves the detail, then one of our cabinets is going to be perfect for you. 

Cabinets Camphor Laurel Resin

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