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Lovely legs!

With the focus of our designs being in making every one unique and artistic, we wanted to have an artistic option for our table legs. This also solves the issue if, like me, you have white chairs, those metal legs just don't suit your decor!

So Justin has been working on some new designs. He has made two new prototypes - one for a table width 1m and over, the other for under a metre. This week the design for the larger tables has progressed to its first build which has been made with Blackbutt timber. 

The difference from seeing the prototype and the actual product really reminded me how important the choice of timber is. Justin had selected this Blackbutt with lovely gum veins giving it so much character. Once again, I am impressed by how good these look and it has reinvigorated my love of lighter colour tones. 

By next week I'm hoping I'll have the full table to show you, which is going to be our latest display table. I am also hoping I will also have another table to show you which I can't currently post any photos of as our client wants to be surprised. 

Blackbutt Dining Table Timber & Resin Tables Timber Legs

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