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Loving my new custom Camphor Laurel Desk

The plan with my desk was that both the desk and drawers are all made out of the one Camphor Laurel slab, giving you the perfect colour match. 

For my desk, I had Justin do some of his Lichtenberg burns in the left corner and in the right he has filled with resin where the live edge comes in. Along the front I have the lovely natural live edge, which he has sanded just enough to take any sharp edges off, but still kept all the character. For the resin colour I chose black transparent with just a little sparkle. I went for 1750 x 800 size, which gives me plenty of room. 

For my cabinet I wanted a cupboard at the bottom for my folders and a drawer in the top. The grain of the cabinet follows up the side and along the top - it looks amazing and even though that detail is now hidden under my desk, I know it's there. Along the front you see more of the live edges surrounded by resin. The resin along the front has been lined up with the resin around the sides - sometimes I wonder how Justin puts these puzzle pieces together so well - we don't have a computer program to work it out for us. At the front all the edges have been bevelled in around the drawer and cupboard, which have push to open runners and hinges. 

Of course I wanted a power cord slot put through the centre, so I could tidily run my cords under the desk. I have a nice stainless finish surround for this. But the extra bit I didn't ask for is probably my most favourite part of my desk...next to my power cord slot is a pop up power outlet. I have so many different devices that I plug in and out in a day, no more crawling under the desk, I now have two power points and two usb ports right at my fingertips - I have already used it a dozen times in the last week! 

The moral of this story is, I just said I want this piece of timber and this is what I want and Justin made what I wanted but then he made it even better. So if you have an idea for something different, talk to us and I'm sure we'll be able to make what you want or something even better than you imagined!

Camphor Laurel Office Desk Resin Timber & Resin Tables

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