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Live Edge Camphor Laurel Dining Table

This stunning six seater camphor laurel dining table is made from a single slab of timber which is full of character. As the slab is two inches thick, not only does it look solid, but it is very solid.

Camphor laurel is a great timber to create furniture with, as the natural grains are full of character. This slab had some lovely homey dark brown grains through it, but we also have pieces with a red grain, which look absolutely magnificent.

The slab for this table was taken from a salvaged tree in the main street of Grafton and we are thrilled that its new home is back in Grafton!

We look for every opportunity to source our timbers from trees that were deemed hazardous and had to be removed. We also focus on creating furniture that is also made to last, so we are not wasting precious resources.

Timber & Resin Tables

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