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Our Latest Addition…. Timber Bowls

When Justin tells me he is trying something new and doesn’t know what he’s doing, I always know I’m in for a surprise...and this time was no exception. Next thing I know he’s walking in with a gorgeous bowl which I really just wanted to keep (maybe I will)!

These bowls are turned out of a single piece of timber, so you can see the amazing grain of the timber as the bowl curls around. He started off with some of our blackwood timber. Blackwood has the beautiful sapwood which is very light next to a rich darker heartwood and on these bowls he has kept some of the bark edge on them to add to the character.

A little while ago I purchased some imported American walnut from up north with a vague idea that I’d incorporate it into my jewellery. But now we have an amazing American walnut bowl, which is even better than I could imagine.

At the same time we picked up some wenge, again intended to incorporate into my jewellery designs. It’s the really dark timber which has a grain in a striped pattern, this piece he made into a square timber plate. Yes, he turned a square plate??? He tried to explain it to me how you can turn something that’s not round...I did not get it...so he tells me it’s just magic, I think I’ll stick with that.

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