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Glow in the Dark - Ship in a Bottle

There is one thing we never seem to grow out of...things that glow in the dark.

Justin had poured the resin in this ship in a bottle quite a while ago when he was testing out his pressure pot, which removes the bubbles out of the resin. The only problem was, at that stage he didn’t have a lathe to turn the bottle. So it went in the cupboard and there it stayed...for months...

Finally, the Queensland borders opened and up we went to stock up on tools, including a lathe. In one of our mad rushes to get as much as possible ready for the markets, Justin turned the bottle on the lathe, added the cork and then carved a curve into one of his burls to create a stand. It was a magnificent piece and we had fun taking photos of it in the light and in the dark as we watched it glow.

Glow in the Dark - Burl Resin Ship

That joy was short lived as that was the night before the market, and the next day it found its new home. I would have liked to keep that one a little longer, but I just have to keep reminding myself I can’t keep everything.

Do you have something you would like set in a resin bottle?

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