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"Not another brick in the wall" Front Counter Feature Wall

Stage 2 of the front counter is now completed. Stage 1 saw the installation of the beautiful Sheoak front counter with hexagon ends. 

Now Stage 2 is our "not another brick in the wall" feature wall. Installed at the Allegra School Coffs Harbour, we felt this feature wall fittingly represents what the school offers in their inclusive and supportive environment. This wall shows how something different and unique can be beautiful, with each feature timber and resin block being different from the others in size, depth and design.

The timbers in this 4 metre feature wall include the common timber species Camphor Laurel and Blackbutt, however the majority of the wall is made from the rarer timber Sheoak. This timber is very hard, varies from light to dark colour and is full of character. We have finished the Sheoak with hard wax oil and brass inserts. Throughout the special feature blocks you will find Lichtenberg burns, resin and shapes. 


We are always really excited when we get to create designs that are completely custom and perfect for their new homes, just like this one.

Blue Feature Wall Front Counter Lichtenberg Sheoak Turquoise

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