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Practical Pieces of Art

While we advertise that we make timber and resin furniture, the way we see it, we make practical pieces of art. Our focus is always to bring art into our designs wherever possible, so they are beautiful and unique.

That is what we love about this Camphor Laurel & Green Resin Dining Table with Lichtenberg Burns. This amazing client gave us just a few directions on what colour and size they were after and left the rest to Justin to work his magic. And so he had an absolute ball making this one. 

We were able to keep a small amount of live edge on one outer edge and then poured resin around the other live edges where this tree branched out. This is one special piece of Camphor, it has so much chatoyance and feathering, you can even see it in the photos.

The resin has been poured in layers with adjustments in the colour to create depth and of course the table has Lichtenberg burns which spread out from where the tree naturally branched out. 

Now for the legs, here are our "double-x" style timber legs. These legs have great practicality when spacing your chairs around the table and have been made from hardwood timber, giving them the weight and stability to support the table. For these legs Justin was inspired by the shoshugibon methods and decided to do a lighter more charred version. As this table's home has dark hardwood timber flooring, the colours look great together. 

Finally for a little surprise, Justin has added something to the resin...

Burns Camphor Laurel Dining Table Glow in the Dark Green Lichtenberg

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