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The Lovely Lichtenberg

So, you’ve probably guessed by now, that we’re absolutely passionate about what we do here at Split Design. We love working with timber, we love a good challenge, and we love creating one-of-a-kind pieces! But if we had to choose one thing that is our absolute favourite thing to do - it would have to be Lichtenberg burns!

They’re completely unpredictable, insanely intricate and extremely dangerous. The process is absolutely mesmerising and each time the result is entirely different. Lichtenberg figures are fractal patterns, a kind of pattern that is often seen in nature and art. Think lightning bolts, roots and rivers. 

Fractals are patterns that repeat over and again, at different scales, where any small part resembles the whole. They’re studied by mathematicians and exciting for artists but for the average Jack or Jill, they’re just simply… beautiful.

Here we have created two serving platters. They were custom designed to sit on top of an oven measuring 900 x 600. They are made from Sheoak Timber, and the burns have been filled with red resin.

What do you think of our lovely Lichtenberg wood art?

Lichtenberg Platter Sheoak Timber & Resin Decor

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