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Charred Eucalyptus Burl - What a Find!

Oh, the things you find when you are moving workshops 😲

Another reminder of why we desperately needed our bigger workshop - with so much cramped into the old one, you forget what you've got! 🙈

We've just uncovered these beauties, they are large eucalyptus burls which were salvaged after a local bush fire. So the intricacies of the burl are traced with char and oddly they smell like toffee.

These are a once in a lifetime find and we were saving them for something special (well really they were just buried under a lot of timber...) but with the new workshop nearly operational we are chomping at the bit to crack out some new, artsy designs 🤠

Burl Charred Eucalyptus Timber Timber and Resin Furniture

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