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A little piece of home for a customer...

So here it is... the New Zealand paua shell was sneakily hidden in this gorgeous blackbutt vanity. We say its sneaky because our client didn't know it was going to be there, but as they are from New Zealand and we knew they loved the shells, we added them in to a natural void in the timber, to make the design perfect for them. 

This vanity has mitred edges and soft close drawers with 45 degree edges for minimal handless opening. Unlike the normal jointed vanities, this one has been re-sawn and book-matched from one piece of timber. Book-matching is where you saw the timber through the centre length ways and let the pieces fold out into a mirror image - yes we re-saw our own timber onsite. This creates an interesting mirrored grain effect which can sometimes be trippy, so it needs to be done in a balanced way. 

The top is also made from a 35mm thick blackbutt slab with a softened live edge along the front.

Can't wait to see this one installed and all set up 😍  P.S. there is another surprise we haven't told them about yet.....IT GLOWS IN THE DARK....😉  he he

Blackbutt New Zealand Paua Shell Resin Vanities

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